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Discovery 2 - February 2014

February’s installment of Discovery features indie, jazz, pop with Lola King & the Kickstarts, as part of their debut album launch tour, psychedelic rock band, Desert Mountain Tribe & two Korean acts Hugh Keice and Peter Pan Complex on a Uk tour plus DJ Delphi

BUY TICKETS £5 - We Got Tickets | Skiddle

or £7 on the door Venue: AAA (under Archangel) Address: 11 – 13 Kensington High Street, London W8 5NP

Tel: 020 7938 4137 Tube: Kensington High Street Tube Doors: 8pm Show starts: 8.15pm


Lola King & the Kickstarts return to the AAA as part of the launch tour for their debut album and to promote their single 'Your Own Beat'. Lola King’s unparalleled rhythmic phrasing, combined with her jazz/pop melodies, sits beautifully on top of the guitar-based raw indie sound of the Kickstarts, alternating sets between amped up indie and rolling acoustic sounds.

They have received radio play on BBC regional radio, Absolute Radio and other regional radio shows. They played at the BBC Hackney Festival in 2012 and have had synch placements on Hollyoaks and Car Jack Streets (iPhone game) plus a national instore retail playlist placement.

“with a reputation for an exciting live show driven by the charm and swagger of Lola King and her super talented rhythm section”


Emerging late in 2012 out of the ever-relevant cultural undergrowth of London town itself, Desert Mountain Tribe is a threefold onslaught of psychedelic rock heart and soul. these days they constitute one of the more formidable emerging rhythm sections currently active on the UK’s club circuit. They have shared the stage with the likes of Damo Suzuki¸ The Cult of Dom Keller, The Lucid Dream, Wall of Death and The Telescopes. Their début EP will soon be released digitally and as a limited edition 12” vinyl run closely followed by their début album, whilst continuing to lap the UK with a string of sonic live performances. They performed at Artrockers New Blood festival.

"In the midst of a fully-fledged psychedelic of the scene's brightest new bands." - 1883 Magazine "It's a threefold onslaught of psychedelic rock, heart and soul." - Artrocker Magazine

This South Korean singer-songwriter has recently released his debut album “Whale Song Omnibus” receiving good critics for his unique sound blending folk-pop, funk, soul and blues. His debut album reflects a 70’s-80’s inspiration and approach to enhance the warm analogue feelings but sung in a very modern interpretation of pop to keep it contemporary.

“A well-balanced music cocktail worth listening to.” “Unique voice and an intelligent interpretation of funk, blues, and folk” - Weiv “Admirable 70s approach delivering a genuine groove” - Izm “John Mayer meets Jamiroquai” - The Guardian PETER PAN COMPLEX

Having released their 5th studio album “O(ou)” in 2012, Peterpan Complex is enjoying a successful career with their newly developed synth-pop outfit. It is inspiring to see a band that has been active for a decade now, still has the courage to expose themselves to a completely new sound and explore it without hesitation. Their effort was rewarded with extensive TV coverage, headlining festivals, and continuous sold out shows in South Korea.

“Change is a virtue. If I stick to one particular style then I’ll be serving one particular generation of fans. That’s not what I want. I prefer to constantly expose myself to a new world and engage with different people. Make the whole new generation dance.” - Jihan (Peterpan Complex frontman) “Probably the most changeable, and trendiest band that Korean live music scene has ever seen” - Mnet (Korean MTV) “Delicate and chic” - KBS (Korean Broadcasting Service)

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