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Summer Sizzler 2014


On Saturday, June 7th Westfield Presents, Discovery 2 and IMC  staged the world’s first all-day, multi staged music festival inside a shopping centre at Westfield London in Shepherd’s Bush!


4 stages of  emerging acts


Alonestar / Charlotte Campbell / Kids On Bridges / Jazz Morley / The Harlots / Cleo T. / The Undivided / J.Appiah / Bridie Jackson and The Arbour / Louise Golbey / Malory Torr / Alex Hulme / Danny Toeman / Daniel Glover / Danny Pape / Shammi Pithia / Sample Answer / Little Brother Eli / Della Lupa / The Mighty and the Moon / Jamie Joseph / Richard Navarro / Quest Ensemble / Golden Rabbit / Stella and the Shakes / Chris Hodgson (steel pan) / Scarlette Fever / Amber Topaz / Lula / Soul Naturals



"Can't thank you enough for having us. We loved every minute of it and felt very proud to be invited along with so many great acts. We made lots of great contacts and were encouraged loads by the response and feedback." ­

Martin Clappison, The Mighty and The Moon


"It was an absolute pleasure to perform yesterday. Can't thank yourself, Alex and the Discovery team enough for giving us the opportunity to play such a great event and for all the work you have all put into promoting KOB. It was really a honour so thanks again."  - Christian Bragg, Kids On Bridges


"We all feel the events you guys are putting on are streets ahead of what's happening in London. You all really care about the artists well­ being at the events." ­

Christian Bragg, Kids On Bridges


"Saturday was an amazing day for me personally but I was so excited for you guys and, from an outside point of view, it all seemed to run very smoothly. I know it is the most stressful thing doing events but I hope you can all look back now and realise what a fantastic job you did." ­ Joanna Koolman aka Golden Rabbit "I can't thank you enough for having the faith to put me on the roster and for your continued support!" ­Joanna Koolman aka Golden Rabbit


"Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for Saturday, I had such a blast and really enjoyed being around for the whole day to see some great music. The talent you guys pull is amazing. I felt really lucky to be part of the Summer Sizzler this year!" ­ Alex Hulme


"Thanks for making me so welcome at the Summer Sizzler. I had a wonderful day, It was so well organised, promoted and thought out. I loved every minute." ­ Charlotte Campbell


Supported by Amazing Radio , Pepper, Justin Wayne Show

Summer Sizzler has been successfully nominated in this year's UK Festival Awards in the following public voted categories: 


Best New Festival

Best Metropolitan Festival


As an incentive, people that vote can enter the 'Dream Summer' prize draw to win 2 VIP tickets to every festival that wins an award.


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before 27th Oct 2014

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